1. Di Cosa Si Nasce
    Petrolio - EdisonBox Records

  2. Higher
    Psychokiller - EdisonBox Records

  3. Lives Of Ugly Demons
    Cruel Experience - EdisonBox Records

  4. Panta Rei
    Nitritono - EdisonBox Records

  5. Mars Plastic
    Bit Müller - EdisonBox Records

  6. Kykeon
    Enomisossab - EdisonBox rec.

  7. EdisonBox sampler II
    Various Artists from EdisonBox Records

  8. Gogol Mogol
    Jumpin' Quails (EdisonBox Rec.)

  9. John Holland Experience
    John Holland Experience - Edisonbox rec.

  10. Flow On
    No Wolf - EdisonBox Rec.

  11. How To Understand Animals
    HUTA (EdisonBox rec.)

  12. Growing Up Tired
    NO WOLF - EdisonBox Rec.

  13. Circling Further Down
    Flying Disk - EdisonBox Rec

  14. I, mother earth
    Eniac - EdisonBox rec.

  15. Neon Hawaii
    Indianizer - EdisonBox rec.

  16. The Eternal Rambler
    Space Paranoids - EdisonBox Rec.

  17. Echo sounder
    Quai du noise - EdisonBox Rec.

  18. Parallel Play
    Helka Wu? - EdisonBox Rec.

  19. Movion
    Movion - EdisonBox rec.

  20. Jungle Beatnik
    Indianizer - EdisonBox Rec.

  21. S.p.A.
    Mambo Melon (EdisonBox rec.)

  22. Baccanale
    Tanz - EdisonBox Rec.

  23. ZAP!
    Sdeghede (EdisonBox Rec)

  24. Exorcizm
    MANIAXXX (EdisonBox Rec)

  25. Sud America o Giappone?

  26. Mad Pride
    Lukasz Mrozinski - EdisonBox rec.

  27. Catalaogue
    CATALOGUE (EdisonBox Rec.)

  28. Hey, l'aveva delusa
    DEN VAN STANTEN - EdisonBox Rec.

  29. She Draws

  30. Atomic rendez-vous
    THE JUMPIN' QUAILS - Edisonbox Rec.

  31. Prezzo Speciale
    EdisonBox rec. - Deian e Lorsoglabro - [EB09]

  32. Achtung Banditi!
    SAL (Edisonbox rec.)

  33. Pervinca
    Dresda Bàruch - EdisonBox rec.

  34. Shamanizm
    MANIAXXX (Edisonbox Rec.)

  35. Pandas
    INDIANIZER (EdisonBox rec.)

  36. Flying until hitting the asphalt
    CATALOGUE - Edisonbox records

  37. Sonic Birds
    UMANZUKI - Edisonbox rec.

  38. Gentleman
    THE BABOON - Edisonbox rec.

  39. EDISONBOX sampler I
    Various Artists (EdisonBox rec.)


EdisonBox Records Cuneo, Italy

EdisonBox is an Independent Music Label whose main purpose is to support the Copy-Left Culture.
We work with Sustainability.
We do not follow Market Principles.
We are based in Cuneo and Turin (Italy).
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